Part Of Your World

Ariel sculpture is constructed from rubbish as part of a ‘Clean Street Art’ series in Stockholm, an inspiring new initiative to protect our seas. The sculpture is titled ‘Part of Your World’ and is made entirely from rubbish retrieved from Lake Mälaren by Rena Mälaren, the non-profit organisation that specialises in retrieving garbage from the bottom of the lake. This is the first piece of art in his ‘Clean Street Art’ series that will be installed in various public locations around Stockholm during summer.

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Ariel consists of mobile phones, cord phones, a vacuum cleaner, a sink, an oil barrel, a car tyre, a computer mouse, a watch, screws, and circuit boards. Key features such as Ariel’s hair are made from hoses, while her eyes are discarded CPU fans. Most notably, one of her raised middle fingers are represented by a knife, while the rocks situated at the front of the sculpture are old lead boat batteries, which are incredibly damaging to the environment.

A major part of the income of this painting goes to the non-profit organization Rena Mälaren for cleaning out garbage from Lake Mälaren .


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